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Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival, Osaka 2019

Call for Tourism Films, until 20th January 2019

Venue, JOSHO-HALL, Osaka Japan
13 and 14 March, 2019

JWTFF moved to Official Web Page " Japan World's Tourism Film Festival"


The purpose of The Japan world’s Tourism Film Festival (JWTFF) is to discover and recognize the best tourism films and seek for the future of tourism films.Currently, the tourism industry is expanding dramatically, and tourism strategies based on SDGs become very important to solve various problems occurred recently. On the other hand, in the field of communication, 5thGeneration will start soon, therefore we need to think new age for digital marketing and the role of promotion films becomes more important. Now, Tourism Films are important tools that gives creation and innovation to tourism.

Regulation and our jury member

Our Festival has two section: International Section and Japan Section. Each section has each jury member. The international jury is composed of professionals and experts in the areas of Audiovisual and Cinema, Tourism and Marketing and Communication.


Jury member (International Competition) 

The entry was closed. We have 136 films for international competition.

Thank you very much.